Physical Security Solutions for the Manufacturing and Logistics Industry

Secure your warehouses with Integrated Security Solutions, CCTV Cameras, Access Control, Burglar Alarm Systems and more.

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Commercial Security Systems for warehouses and large-scale facilities →

Improve Staff Safety

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Monitor, Arm and Lockdown your Facility​

Our team offers solutions for a 360 approach to your physical security ​

  • CCTV Cameras​
  • Burglar Alarms​
  • Access Control ​
  • Integrated Security
Access system remotely

Access your security system to arm/disarm, view footage, grant door access and more from your cell phone or mobile devices.

Here’s what we offer to help secure your business

  • IP & Digital CCTV Cameras

  • Access Control / Keyless Entry 

  • Burglar Alarm Systems

  • Integrated Security System Consult & Design

  • Door Intercom & Paging Systems

  • Active Shooter Detection

  • Specialty Cameras for License Plate Detection

  • Telecom System Integration

  • Emergency Call Buttons

  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support

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Here’s some of what you can do at your facility with our security solutions​

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Visibility across your facility.​

We have cameras built for most all needs with HD & 4K available. Enhanced night vision lets you see activity after dark as well.

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Program who can enter your facility and what times they can enter.

Custom program your system and set specific schedules for when staff or vendors can access your facility.

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Emergency Lockdown​

In case of emergency, lock down your entire facility or lock down specific zones to ensure staff safety.

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License Plate Cameras & PTZ

License plate cameras will help you identify cars in parking lots and help dispatchers communicate to home office as LTL drivers arrive.

Remote Access & Management

Access your system easily after hours or access a system located in another region from your smartphone & mobile device.

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Timecard Management​

Integrate your access control system with staff timecard management to simplify clocking in and out.

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